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With 15+ years as an exhibiting artist in galleries and museums, my career has led me to speak at schools, advise and brainstorm with high profile event planners for Coachella arts festival, idea consultant for the number one PR firm in the USA, Rogers and Cowan, Secret 7″ UK, as well as being Creative Director for award winning exhibits. I’ve also been able to consult up and coming artists as well as seasoned artists who want to further their career or just get noticed. My consulting strategy is custom tailored to you and your needs.


What’s included:





Social Media expertise

Who and how to show your work

How to make money

Who and what to avoid

Financial strategies

Portfolio review

Funding your projects

Good and bad venues for showing your work

How to get press

Time management

How to get involved with Art Shows, Festivals, Charities

Meeting and talking to celebrities

Do’s and Don’ts

Mind sets and how to govern your soul


Please inquire about consulting rates for individual or a custom tailored selection from the categories above.


Next Level Consulting:


Brainstorming Session – $4000


Brainstorming is a session based off of using what I feel is my strongest asset
as an artist and consultant; my creativity and ideas/concepts). My ideas are always very strong, unique and out of the box attention getters. Some have led to now very successful artists using my knowledge and techniques in surpassing my own success.
The price for a Brainstorming Sesh with me may lead to you becoming very rich, very famous or both.


Nirvana Consultation – $6000-$8000


Nirvana is the fast track to getting in quick and noticed and making money within the art scene in a very short amount of time. This consultation takes all 14 years of mine as well as well known artists pitfalls, successes, insights, expertise, experience, resources and streamlines it into an expressway to being a successful artist without the hassle of wasting years of your life learning “the hard way” and being an almost overnight success.


To reach Nirvana in the art scene with lightning speed, we go over your goals and with that information I do an in depth and comprehensive assessment, then tailor pathways to the success you want to achieve which will include everything from the list above and more.


Pricing differs from client to client and their specific needs. Feel free to contact for a quote.